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From the President Desk


विद्या प्रशस्यते लोकैः विद्या सर्वत्र गौरवा। विद्यया लभते सर्वं विद्वान सर्वत्र पूज्यते।।

Advocate Jasbir Singh Maan, our inspiration a visionary beyond border. Every girl is like a lighthouse, so considering that overall development of each and every girl is our motto. Since 2008, Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Gurukul Mor-Majra, Karnal has been serving the society by providing high quality of education at the affordable cost. I am confident that with an excellent management committee, dedicated Principal, teachers and talented students we should succeed in our endeavour to make Girls

Mahavidyalaya an institution of excellence. We are committed to empower the girls not only through education, but also by upgrading their skills and personalities which we believe will help them in their economic empowerment through finding good employment opportunities. Our well-educated faculty equipped with latest technology and trends in the field of higher education provides UG and PG degrees in different streams, awaits you within the most secure campus which is located in lap of nature. It is better and safe place for Girls Students to begin their career. We look forward to your contribution for development of institution. I wish all students a bright academic future, career and happy life.

Advocate Jasbir Singh Maan

Arya Kanya Mahasabha Gurukul
Mor-Majra, Karnal